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Crosslinked Polyethylene Insulated PVC Sheathed Cables

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This product is intended for power supply at AC 0.6/1kV or less.
It is used in residential and commercial buildings and for an industrial distributing board with excellent insulation.

Standard : KS C IEC 60502-1


  • Conductors : Stranded circular non-compacted conductors, consisting of plain annealed copper. or standed circular compacted conductors, consisting of plain annealed copper
  • Insulation
    Cross-linked polyethylene compound(XLPE)
    Maximum conductor temperature : 90°C
  • Core identification
    1core-black 2cores-black,white 3cores-black, white red 4cores-black, white, red, green
  • Assembly : The cores and the fillers, if any shall be twisted together.
  • Sheath : Polyvinyl chloride compound
  • Color : Black